Liane Vaz is a Toronto-based goldsmith with an eye for detail and a thirst for innovation. Choosing to use not only traditional jewellery techniques, Liane also manipulates alternative materials to bring a fresh look to her collections.


Liane grew up in Scarborough and was blessed to have had supportive parents that indulged her creative whims (fashion designer? party planner? choreographer? the list goes on). Liane attended a unique self-directed high school, where she picked up basic jewellery methods and techniques. She continued to pursue the craft at OCAD University. While there, Liane was an active member of the internal and external jewellery scene, participating in and organizing numerous pop-ups and exhibitions. She completed her thesis in 2009.

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After graduating, Liane delved straight into the workforce and her own business. Liane Vaz Designs flourished as she kept up her practice - always trying to learn new techniques and honing the skills she possessed already. Managing a jewellery supply store for a few years, Liane then switched gears and returned to OCAD University - this time as a faculty member. Now she works at Made You Look Jewellery Gallery as Custom Request Specialist and Laser Engraving Technician, all the while continuing to explore and develop her own business.

Find her with her nose pressed against her bench or behind her computer screen - always working. But all work and no play makes Liane a grumpy cat so you can also find her hosting themed parties or at the dog park with her rescue pup.