sculpture / object

Constructivist Robot, 2012
sterling silver

A robot made in the style of the Constructivist art movement.

Thesaurus, 2012
brass; copper; paper; mylar

A thesaurus illustrating how words are connected like the branches of a tree.

Thought Bubble Container, 2011
brass; sterling silver; liver of sulphur

This container was created as a vessel for the untidy, messy, but thoughtful brain. 

Spork, 2011
964 silver

Hybrid fork and spoon - forged using traditional techniques. 

Wunderkammern, 2011
moleskine; copper; sterling silver; liver of sulphur


A wunderkammern - or a cabinet of curiosities - is made to hold different objects of visual and intellectual interest. This Alchemist's Book was made to fit such a collection. 

Medal For Perseverance, 2011
brass; automotive paint; satin ribbon

An etched medal with an ant carring the title to depict perseverance.